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Tecno to Handle Cultural Changes in Egg Production in Philippines

The egg production market in the Philippines is undergoing strong development. On the one hand as a result of the growth in demand, mainly due to the increase in population and above all to better well-being from an economic point of view. On the other hand, laying farms are developing with an ever increasing widespread attention to the set-up of systems, focusing on efficiency, waste reduction, and production improvement.

This is Tecno's experience in the Philippines alongside one of our customers in the Buhisan region, with whom we have been pursuing a relationship of mutual satisfaction that has lasted for many years. The development of the business has been progressive and constant over time, accompanied by a technological and productive improvement.

In fact, in a first phase we accompanied the customer in replacing the previous local farming systems with modern traditional farming systems, which guaranteed greater control of the animals and an increase in productivity. In a second step, after 6 years of projects developed together, and the construction of 3 laying houses with “Universal” system, we suggested to implement a new “Plus” system with an advanced ventilation system. We took care of every phase of the project providing the customer with the turnkey solution, introducing more space for movement in the height of the cage,  and improving ventilation within the system that, while remaining within the context of traditional non-aviary solutions, brings animal welfare closer to the standards of European countries.

To improve the ventilation, considering that the farm is located in a tropical region, we have installed tunnel system ventilation, maximizing the "wind chill" effect, the sensation of cooling to the bird due to the speed of the air. In addition, to counteract the formation of rust deriving from the strong presence of constant humidity in the air of the region, we opted for the use of more resistant materials.

The innovation in the egg production chain, introduced over the years with the installation of increasingly innovative systems, is a clear sign of the attention that the entire local supply chain is developing towards the egg production.

We offer all our years of experience to our client, and our commitment is aimed at animal welfare, so improving production results. Together with our client we have developed the innovation that combines welfare and profitable business. This is our eggsperience.