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Multilevel Egg Production and Plus 64 System: The Thai Case

Thawonphad TPF Farm Company Limited is a Thai company looking for European solutions at a competitive price. Thawonphad TPF chose Tecno to create their first multilevel egg production units with the Plus 64 system.

The customer has a very wide business - mainly focused on chicken breeding - and has now decided to launch his first laying hen egg production plant.


How did we act?

At first, the project included 9 units but, due to the pandemic, the customer preferred to proceed with the construction of 6 units. Plus system are high density systems, solid and stable.


What are the advantages for the customer?

Tecno’s team gave to the customer excellent technical support and worked in synergy with the local team, providing guidance which resulted in a first class installation.

The client is very satisfied with our product because the Plus 64 system, due to its considerable height, offers the animals a comfortable environment, helping to get the best performance results from the hens.

Moreover he particularly appreciated the solution for collecting manure, which made it possible to solve an activity that is often managed manually.