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Dubai's Pioneer in Innovative Egg Production: Al Jazira

Al Jazira Poultry Farm, the first Egg Poultry Farm of Dubai and today number 1 Egg Brand in the region, is known to be the pioneer in innovative egg production, while maintaining the highest level of bio-security and hygienic conditions in all its farms.

Within its project of expansion, Al Jazira Poultry Farm set its ambitious goal of realizing the biggest Poultry Farm in the country, including 16 layer houses with 115.000 birds capacity each, 4 rearing houses and 2 big egg collection storage connecting 4 poultry houses each.

The project requested a deep preliminary project analysis to answer all custom needs and difficult climate conditions, while operations have been assembled by local workers assisted by our expert technicians.

We are proud to announce that the solution increased housing capacity with a significant improvement of the inner aeration, thanks to the implementation of the cage Plus 64 without partition among other facilities.

Tecno Poultry, the eggsperience.