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From Pullets to Layers: The Gerratana Blanco Case in Italy

Tecno Poultry Equipment, the experts in laying systems, was commissioned by the Sicilian Poultry Company Gerratana Blanco to follow up on the production expansion projects launched in recent years, adapting to the increasingly strong demand for alternative systems. The customer, located in Modica in the province of Ragusa (Sicily), was born in the 1980s and has always stood out on the regional and national market for its commitment to producing quality eggs with high organoleptic properties and characteristics. Gerratana Blanco's growth expectations led them to contact Tecno, thanks to the relationship of trust that has existed for 40 years, and above all for the efficiency, availability and excellent reliability of the equipment recognized by the customer.


The Solution

To follow up the growth project of the poultry farm and increase the quality of production, Tecno has created a new integrated farm with IDEAL AS 227 for rearing the pullets and the VS 224 Aviary for laying hens.

In the first system, the chicks immediately learn to move freely in large spaces, jumping from one perch to another. The opening and closing of the doors are automated to reduce the manure deposited in the corridors and thus keep the environment cleaner: in other words, less maintenance for the staff, more well-being for the animals.

The second system, on the other hand, offers larger surfaces for the laying hens and allows a higher population density with the possibility of overlapping on multiple levels.

Thanks to this “double” integrated system, the customer can better manage the transition from the rearing house to the aviary for hens and ensure optimal living conditions to aide flock performance.


What are the advantages for the customer?

The new farm is immersed in the green countryside of Modica, in a spectacular position in the south of Sicily with a favourable climate, which guarantees optimal conditions and results for animal welfare. The innovation brought by Tecno has allowed an increase in the capacity of laying layers with the placement of even more birds than before, and consequently a greater quantity of eggs produced. A very important step for the Gerratana Blanco poultry farm, which results in excellent quality sent to a market in constant search for higher and higher standards in animal welfare.