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Poultry Farms Around the World: Angola Case

In Angola, Antonio Chivinda's AVIPAL company, located in Bié, covers an area of 10 hectares and employs 42 people. It’s eggs are sold in the same province (Bié), in Huambo and Huìla.

In order to support the production trend and modernize the supply chain, the customer needed a new plan for its laying facility; built quickly and with maximum yield.


How did we find the solution?

Among the various poultry systems designed by Tecno, we have directed the customer towards the one which best suited his needs: the ATLANTA model, ideal for housing about 40,000 laying hens in 4 rows 5 tiers 85 m long each row. This structure, in fact, ensures the best performance even in hot and humid areas such as Angola, thanks to a special shape that allows good internal ventilation. In addition, it has a very accurate vertical design that allows you to have more hens inside than before.

In collaboration with our Spanish dealer, Ingeniería Avícola, and in constant contact with the customer, we delivered and guided the installation of the structure on site, optimizing resources and achieving efficient operational management.


What are the benefits and advantages for the customer?

In the ATLANTA poultry system, the feed is distributed via hoppers into the feed trough. The eggs are collected on 100 mm belts that convey them to the head of the shed, where the NIAGARA egg collection system (also provided by Tecno Poultry), automatically places the eggs on the collection tables where they are then manually transferred to the cartons for distribution. So speed, comfort and efficiency in the daily work of AVIPAL staff.

In addition, the ATLANTA system provides for the storage of manure by depositing the droppings in the lower part of the shed, where it loses humidity thanks to the specially designed static ventilation. This solution makes it possible to keep it stored until the time it is needed by the farmer or until the time of the flock’s depletions.

This solution has fully satisfied AVIPAL. They are able to increase production by raising a much greater number of layers than before, with total efficiency and bird welfare. Also in this case, Tecno guaranteed logistics, punctual delivery, assistance and supervision of the project at all times, even after the realization of the new poultry system, managing requests in an optimal way despite the distance.