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Su negocio es único. Estamos aquí para acompañarlo desde la concepción de la idea hasta la instalación, e incluso más allá. Para asegurarnos de que dispone del sistema y el soporte correctos para su granja.

Aviary Systems for Laying Hens: The Farm Designed and Built from a Distance, in Italy

The Calcaterra farm was founded in 2002 in Cassano delle Murge (Bari) with an authentic passion for rearing. In the early years, the customer enhances the land of the Apulian countryside by growing almonds and olives with which he prepares organic oils, but in the last decade he diversified his production by starting both a broiler farm and, in recent times, a laying hens farm. To carry out this last project, the customer choose Tecno after a long research among competitors, numerous visits to poultry farms and trade fairs.

His expectations? Achieving production efficiency, minimizing floor eggs, promoting animal welfare, and having a quality product that lasts over time.


How did we do it?

To increase the capacity and production quality of the layers, we have installed two aviary systems AS 250 for a capacity of 34,000 hens each. In these systems, the hens can move freely and do not stay in the nest: this reduces the likelihood of suffocation and helps to increase animal welfare. Furthermore, thanks to the closing mechanisms of the nests, the number of dirty or broken eggs is also reduced.

Tecno has once again demonstrated reliability and complete support to customer: the realization of the project happened in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and, given/in view of the limitation of extra-regional transfers, Tecno conducted the assembly operations totally online. Assistance and supervision were carried out remotely with video and photo shoots that allowed Tecno technicians to remain in constant contact with the personnel in charge of assembling the systems.


What are the advantages for the customer?

Capacity of 68,000 layers, with the customer who has chosen to actually house 67,000 to facilitate even more global animal welfare. Among the other innovative aspects that the company will benefit from are the cleaning scrapers under the aviary system and the management software provided in Tecno’s equipment, which positively surprised the customer. Also in this case, and in a very particular historical period, Tecno has guaranteed efficient logistics, timely delivery in accordance with the contract, and continuous assistance before, during and after the project. To everyone's satisfaction.