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Nuestro trabajo

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Su negocio es único. Estamos aquí para acompañarlo desde la concepción de la idea hasta la instalación, e incluso más allá. Para asegurarnos de que dispone del sistema y el soporte correctos para su granja.


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Ferme ViGo>

Ferme ViGo, Winner of the Turn to Excellence Award with their First Flock of 9,900 Laying Hens

Ferme ViGo, thanks to their state-of-the-art facility and enriched egg laying operation, won the Turn to Excellence award from La Financière Agricole du Québec.
Canada, Plus

Poultry Farms Around the World: Angola Case

In order to support the production trend and modernize the supply chain, the customer needed a new plan for its laying facility; built quickly and with maximum yield.
Asia, Pacific, Africa, Atlanta

Aviary Systems for Laying Hens: The Farm Designed and Built from a Distance, in Italy

To increase the capacity and production quality of the layers, we have installed two aviary systems AS 250 for a capacity of 34,000 hens each.
AS S250, Italy

Custom-Made Egg Production Equipment Solution: The Universal 64 Zambia Case

Tecno turnkey egg production equipment solutions are ideal to optimize the space and volume of the farm area available.
Universal, Zambia, Turnkey
Opal Foods>

A Pioneering Project for Layers: The Case of Opal Foods in the USA

Tecno is a world leader for companies that want to modernize their production chain in the egg market.
United States, AS 540, Turnkey
Gerratana Blanco>

From Pullets to Layers: The Gerratana Blanco Case in Italy

An integrated system between pullets and layers: the Gerratana Blanco case in Italy.
Italy, Ideal AS 227, VS 224

Enriched System Ideal for the Canadian Market

The Canadian market was asking for new solutions, and Tecno Poultry Equipment responded to the Canadian farmers’ requirements.
Canada, Plus

Dubai's Pioneer in Innovative Egg Production: Al Jazira

Within its project of expansion, Al Jazira Poultry Farm set its ambitious goal of realizing the biggest Poultry Farm in the country.
Asia, Pacific, Africa, Plus

IDEAL FAS Rearing System: The Solarana Case in Spain

The Tecno Ideal Fas system was installed at Solarana poultry farm in Burgos and following its success the S.A.T. La Aguilera wanted to diversify.
Spain, Ideal FAS

Aviary Open System for Free Range Layers: The Pinilla Case in Spain

The systems for laying hens designed by Tecno are the ideal solution for companies that want to modernize their production chain.
Spain, AS 580 PLUS