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Aviary systems for layers with technologically advanced solutions


AS EVOLUTION aviaries for layers are the most prodigious of poultry systems in the sector. Recommended and appreciated by the main distribution chains, they are designed with a flexible and adjustable system for new or existing plants. They can be installed at 2 or 3 levels, depending on the height of the shed.

In the Tecno AS EVOLUTION models, layers are guaranteed maximum freedom of movement. This aspect is fundamental for the life of the animal because it helps to increase the welfare of the poultry. Furthermore, the high quality of the eggs is ensured by the slope of the nests, by a closing mechanism of the same moved by chains, without any need for maintenance, and by a better alignment of the system of belts for manure. All these aspects contribute to the very high level of productivity of this series.

AS EVOLUTION aviaries for layers are built with high quality components and protections and are easy to inspect at any time.


  • Removable and self-cleaning astroturf
  • Stainless steel cover for egg belt protection 35 cm
  • Feeders with anti-waste profile
  • Mobile perch (can be used for inspection)
  • Automatic / manual door
  • Watering line
  • Stainless steel egg protection profile
  • Led lights

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