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Manure drying systems

The accessories for the manure treatment


TDS (Tecno Drying System)

Accessories for a manure drying system produced in farms, by means of a tunnel mechanism. It includes:

  • Canopy with suitable measures for the tunnel, placed at the head on one side of the breeding shed.
  • Compression chamber formed by closing the upper space between the shed wall, the tunnel and the heads, in order to force the air out through the tunnel.
  • Tunnel with multiple levels and multiple lengths sized according to the number of garments.
  • Fans placed on the wall of the breeding shed which extracts the air by compressing it under pressure inside the tunnel system.
  • Conveyors belts, for moving the manure from the breeding shed to the tunnel and for removing the dried manure.
  • Electrical system for tunnel motors, conveyors and cleaning of the breeding shed.


Manure drying with air blowing.
Between the tops of the battery: air blowing floors with central or lateral tube, internal or external draft, central or side perforated pipes, 1 or 2 turbines per row.

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