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Aviary systems and accessories for layers and pullets

Tecno Poultry Equipment offers state-of-the-art solutions for rearing and layers facilities, from the first day of life and throughout the production cycle, with automated and computerised watering, feeding, egg collection, air conditioning and cleaning systems.

The poultry systems designed by Tecno are divided into two types of product: Rearing and Layers. A series of accessories for poultry plants and turnkey systems complete the offer and enrich the solutions provided.

Everything we do is the result of our experience and knowledge, giving added value to our customers. This is achieved by producing highly innovative and high-quality products allowing you to be profitable and grow your business in total safety.


Our aviary systems for layers ensure the best productivity performance for your business.



For over 40 years we have been designing bespoke rearing systems for the individual needs of our customers.


18.000 sqm
of production plant

18 million
birds placed every year in our systems

of exports all over the world