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Tecno Poultry Equipment, manufacturing systems for laying hens for over 40 years

The first systems for layers were designed by Tecno back in 1980. Today Tecno Poultry Equipment is one of the most well-known suppliers in the world of poultry systems and accessories. Years of experience, by professionals all over the world has enhanced the company name, which today offers more and more innovative solutions, allowing growth and choices for the customer. Tecno Poultry Equipment exports 90% of its products worldwide. Since 2016 we are part of the AGCO Corporation group, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a world leader, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, with the aim of becoming even bigger in providing solutions.


Constant research and development in technology keeps us at the forefront of innovation. This allows us to constantly update our systems, so they perform to the maximum.


Let’s talk about your poultry project requirements. With our experience we can explore ideas, the first step in finding you the solution you need.


Poultry plants are not the same for everyone. Our products have one of the highest customisation rates on the market, due to the design flexibility we can provide.


The best Eggsperience to excel in the egg production

We have the experience of a multinational company and the flexibility of partner, to work close to the customer. Every day we work hard to be the best in providing solutions for your business. Success can only be achieved by working closely together.
We work with you with the solutions you need for your projects: technologically modern and built for your success. Cutting-edge systems designed by the Tecno team that enhance what you do today and allow you to get where you want to go tomorrow. We call it “the eggsperience”.


Poultry equipment for your success

This is what we believe in.
With our dedication and foresight , we are forward thinking and constantly analyze the poultry market so we can develop new solutions. Our success story comes from our dedicated staff, and the relationships with our customers and a desire to grow. Our future is strong with the passion of our young people in the business, combined with the experience of the existing generation.
Above all we know the importance of listening to the heart to be able to interpret the requirement of those who, like you, have chosen us to share values, visions and goals. We like to talk face to face and our experience allows us to configure your poultry system based on your needs. Our aim is to win your trust by providing solutions rather than just promises.
Like a handshake – we are precise, genuine and sincere.