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Tecno alternative systems include a range of products in different sizes, for optimising the available space and volume of the poultry farm.

Advantages: the system allows a greater rearing density and facilitates the movement of the birds on the various levels. The aviary, equipped with cleaning belts,allows greater hygiene and bird well-being, ensuring a high production level and a lower cost.

VOLIERA AS450 - AS480 - AS580
The aviary system AS developed from the concept of free-range rearing, is characterised by a symmetrical structure composed of overlapping and offset rearing levels; the particular feature of this system lies in the presence of continuous, overlapping nests, with a centralised bird ejection mechanism and a 40 cm perforated belt for collecting eggs.

The ease of movement of the laying hens within the aviary allows access to the feeding, drinking and laying areas, ensuring a uniform distribution of the birds in the system. The aviary has transverse and lengthwise closures for dividing the birds into small groups; it also has corridors for inspection and monitoring of the rearing areas.
VOLIERA VS188 – VS200 – VS224
The aviaries VS are derived from the Tecno experience with overlapping levels, allowing the laying hens to make use of the rows and tiers, including the floor, with total freedom of movement.

The position of the nests facing the corridor facilitates inspection and egg collection. Each level is characterised by the presence of a feeding chain, drinking line, lengthwise perches, nests, egg collecting and cleaning belt.